I May Not Scrapbook

...but I remembered to do this.

Just like last year.

Current ear worm. You’re welcome!

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I'm Jamie, a 40-something Nashville mom desperately seeking a few moments of Zen and zinfandel between soccer practice and supper. I love to travel, find great deals, and talk with my hands. My former beach bartender husband founded MouseCalls Computer Services. We have two daughters, three dogs, and too much laundry. Email me at blondemomblog @ gmail.com.

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  1. Scrapbook, schmapbook. We’ve got blogbook! :D Doesn’t get better than that. :)


  2. Too cute, I think it is funny how they both look so ready on the first day of school, and not as much on the last! I am a teacher so I can appreciate that. If you were to take a pic of me on the last day (today), I had not even washed my hair. :)

  3. Judy B. says:

    Cute kids. Good pictures. Yay summer!

  4. I copied this idea from you last year and it was great! Thanks for reminding me. The last day is quickly approaching -thank heavens! Ready to ease up on routines for a bit :)

  5. You are full of ideas for posts, i’m not here to copy your ideas but you really inspire me with your great ideas. If your blog it’s named blondmom , how sounds blondfather.com like? (if i’ll start my blog)

  6. Aaaaand, you blogged it—I find myself referring back to my archives for dates and cool pics that I forgot to hardcopy, a lot more and NOT because my kids and I are getting old-ish, either—so, there ya’ go Beautiful girls, Momma

  7. Cute. I don’t scrapbook either. Did I just use it as a verb? eww.


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