The Graduate

OK this was before we left the house and I just had to throw in a picture of her all dressed up because after the program she immediately headed for the chocolate cupcakes and the punch and she stood still for about 30 seconds over the course of a half hour because she was high on sugar.

Ready to take on the world!

Last night at bedtime I curled up in Miss A’s twin bed alongside her and told her I loved her so much and that she was my baby girl. I inhaled the sweet smell of bedtime—freshly washed hair and bubble gum toothpaste.

She looked over her shoulder and said, “I’ll always be your baby girl…even when I’m a teenager.”

“I’m going to have to write that down Miss A, before I forget it.”

“I won’t let you forget mommy. I’ll always be your baby girl, even when I’m a teenager. Even when I’m a grownup.”

And then my heart and mind expanded ten fold.

Yes you will always be my baby girl my sweet girl. Yes you will.

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  1. So adorable. I remember preschool graduation last spring with my daughter. It’s amazing how fast it goes!

  2. She looked so cute! I cried through both of my sons’ preschool graduations – I will be a total mess at high school graduations (thankfully those won’t happen for a few years!)

  3. What she says is true.

    (LOVE the photos.)

  4. Awwwww. Sweet girl.

    Henry’s preschool graduation was Friday. I was sure I wasn’t feeling emotional about it at all, but sure enough, I got choked up a couple of times.
    .-= Rebecca at Toothwhale´s last blog ..Project 365: Week 20 =-.

  5. How sweet!

  6. There’s an award for you at my blog.

  7. Yes, yes she will. Congrats on the first of many events that require a cap and gown!
    .-= WorkingMom´s last blog .."M" is for May, Mother’s Day, and Mammograms =-.

  8. Thanks ya’ll! She was so proud and SO EXCITED about being on the stage. She asked me repeatedly, “Am I going to be on the stage?”

    I stayed fairly dry eyed but I have a feeling I’ll be boo hooing in August on the first day of kindergarten.
    .-= Jamie´s last blog ..The Graduate =-.

  9. That is pretty fancy – the gowns for preschool graduation!

    We’ll be out of town for our daycare’s annual “graduation” in June. It’s kind of weird, really. Both my boys will move up to new rooms in August, yet there’s this big graduation in June. And even in August they’re just moving to a new room in the same building.

  10. This made me tear up! What a sweet little one you have!
    .-= uncommonblonde´s last blog ..Monday Monday =-.

  11. Ouchy, my heart! So sweet!

  12. She is just adorable!! And yes, she does look like she will take on the world some day. :)
    .-= Sugar Jones´s last blog ..Lost Myself Having Fun with Spoilers on Twitter =-.

  13. Aww, congrats to Miss A—she’s such a big girl now, but definitely will always be your baby! :)

    And I love that “bath time” smell too. Every night when I lay down w/ my daughter I just smell her hair and skin—I love that fresh baby smell!
    .-= Katie´s last blog ..Wordless Wednesday =-.

  14. Too cute! I’ve not seen any schools around here use red for elementary level graduations. It’s always black or blue and white, no matter what the school colors are. Weird.

    And of course they have the Power Point. OMG THE POWER POINT! WITH SAPPY MUSIC!! That’s where you need the kleenex…

  15. this is what your mom
    thinks of you :)

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