Bad Hair Days

Wake Up In The Morning Not Feeling Like P. Diddy, Not That I’m Bitter Or Anything

I like to think of myself as fairly laid back but there is a strain of high strung woman gene that runs through my family and every once in a while it rebels because I try to suppress it and I usually have trouble sleeping when the high strung woman gene gets antsy.

I’m a light sleeper, so usually if one of the girls wakes in the night (which thankfully is not very often now that they’re older) or one of the dogs gets up? I’m up.

The one time I’m guaranteed a fitful night’s sleep is when there are thunderstorms and, of course, it’s the season for stormy weather. Miss A could sleep through anything, but Miss C usually wakes up if it thunders in the night and Bailey, our neurotic senile 12 1/2 year old dog, reacts to severe weather by pacing and panting like she’s about to give birth to a 13-pound cat.

I guess what I’m trying to say is it looks like I’m going to be screwed in the sleep department this weekend.

Look at the forecast:

Anyone got an Ambien?

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