Red, Red Wine

And cheap to boot.

We know how to live it up on the last night of vacation. Hubby is cooking crab cakes and filet mignon and we’re washing it down with this stuff.


Actually? It’s pretty dang good and it’s not Boone’s Farm.

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  1. I like the label, right to the point. Perfect end to the vacay, I’d say (esp. the husband cooking and filet mignon part :)

  2. If only every wine label was so honest…

    Love it!

  3. Ahhhhh….Boone’s Farm….Just the mere mention of it brings lots of hazy college memories flooding back in.

  4. OH YEAH!! Boone’s Strawberry Hill got me through most of college. What about that $2 wine you can get at Trader Joe’s? That stuff’s not bad.

  5. Yum! Filet & crab cakes. And oh course the wine. ; )

  6. This stuff was really good for $7 a bottle! We got it at Publix in Destin. I’m still rooting for wine sales in Tennessee grocery stores.

    Glad I could provide some flashbacks to good ole Boone’s Farm days. I was more of a Bacardi and Coke and keg beer girl in college. ;)

  7. Seeing your mention of Boones Farm brought back high school memories for me. Everything from stuffing a bottle down my pants to sneak into a movie theater (it was closed tight enough LOL) and then there was that time I tried selling a few bottles to a girl from my history class. I figured she wouldn’t have the money and drank a bottle during ROTC. I got busted a few hours later and expelled for two weeks. Ahhhh, such great memories.

    These are just some of the skeletons in the closet of a Church of Christ church planter : )

  8. YUM! to the crab cakes and the wine! I love red wine and I’m always looking for some good, inexpensive reds.

  9. You got a problem with Boone’s Farm? What’s next? Wine coolers? Zima? Peppermint schnapps? Now I just sound like a wino.

  10. I saw your comment above about wine sales at grocery stores in TN. YES! It’s killing me and putting a major dent in my wine drinking habit.

    I’ve not ever seen Cheap Red Wine, but if I do, I’m buying it!

  11. I love the label. Where did you find this?

  12. Michael T. says:

    Hey, my wife and I drink “Cheap Red Wine” too. It’s surprisingly good, and it sure fits the budget for a family raising kids on one income. (And I love the generic label!)

  13. Cheap red wine—my kind!

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