Easy Easter Eggs 10 Ways

Easy DIY Easter Egg Craft

Looking for some simple, but sassy, Easter egg craft ideas you can still knock out this weekend? Check out these 10 simple DIY Easter egg ideas:

Happy decorating!

Fashion Friday: Flattering Swimsuits That Don’t Skimp on Style

I’m not usually one to look forward to trying on bathing suits but we’ve had such a long drawn out winter I am over it! Bring on the sunscreen and chlorine and sunshine!

I actually put on a bathing suit last weekend for the first time as we hit a glorious 80 degrees here in Nashville. I’m looking forward to some pool time with my family this summer. Although we don’t have a pool, my sister’s new apartment does and it’s already open!

If you’re like me and you want to have a little more coverage than a string bikini because you’ve slacked on Pilates (ok you’re like me and you’ve never freaking done one Pilates move but you swear you will some day) but you still want to look stylish at the pool, there are some gorgeous flattering swimsuits that don’t skimp on style to be found. Ruching is your friend…remember this. Ruching. I’m also a big fan of halter necklines in swimwear. I hate the word tankini (I mean really, TANK is not a flattering word people), but there are also a lot of cute tankinis on the market.

Here are some cute one-piece bathing suits…nothing Mama Frump here…I’ve scouted out for you as well as a great rashguard from Old Navy, perfect for the beach if you are doing any kind of water sports or activity and you don’t want things spilling out and I don’t mean drinks! If you’re a Nashville girl like me, check out Blue Bohemian in Belle Meade. They have great beach and swimwear.

Did somebody say drinks?

Cheers to spring! I’m off to do some crunches on my yoga ball. ;)

One Piece Swimwear Options

I’m linking up to Fashion Friday today, which is hosted by some fabulous blogs such as Mommies With Style.

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Zen Mowing Mama

Zen of Mowing

Not our mower, but we do have a push mower (self-propelled oh yeah!)

I will let ya’ll in on a little secret.

I like to mow. OK ok I LOVE to mow.

I’ve never really been into yard work but I discovered the zen of mowing a couple of years ago.

I thought I might be the only mama out there who finds the peace and solitude of mowing appealing but chatting at a soccer tourney with another mom I mentioned I’d mowed the yard recently and confessed to my love for it. “I really LOVE to mow. I know that’s crazy,” I confessed. “That’s not normal, right?”

“Oh gosh, NO, I love it, too! I mean peace and quiet and just me and the yard. Are you kidding? No one talking to me or bugging me? Yes! I totally get it. It’s my alone time.”

This woman was my kindred spirit in mow-dom. We’d both discovered the peace and quiet of mowing.

Don’t get me wrong, I will never trade in a spa treatment for yard work, but turn me loose with a mower on a beautiful sunny day and I will whistle while I work and enjoy the hum and repetition of the mower and precious minutes of clearing my mind before I fill it with a hundred mental Post It notes. As soon as the mower stops, one of my kids will need something to eat, something to drink or a ride somewhere. Mowing is my little zen retreat that I share with my mower.

Do you like to mow the yard?

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